Who is Combat Wombat?

Combat Wombat is a bunch of EVE players who have been playing together for over a decade. We have already been known as mercenaries, wormholers and repeatedly as SOV owners in Nullsec.

We’ve seen many renting systems come and go in the past. With our SOV we want to offer you a certain alternative to the Y system(s) X price(s) systems. By dividing the systems into areas, we want to make Corporations work with each other to create a good environment for all types of players.

Combat Wombat is not an ISK- or profit-oriented alliance, this is easily recognizable by the low price model we strive for.

Like all our competitors, we cannot offer you 100% security in earning ISK. HOWEVER, past experience has shown that Wombat SOV has been shunned within weeks of being acquired, as we are an active EU TZ PVP alliance.

The area Lexy Bella is our most expensive Poket. All systems are in a dead-end pocket and have security statuses from -0.38 to -0.79. The area therefore contains all types of PVE and ore anomalies therefore contain all types of PVE anomalies.

  • Costs: 2,5 billion ISK per month
  • Security: -0,38 -0,79
  • Features: Dead-End Pocket

The Angela White area features access to 3/12 ice belts in the region. It also contains a small dead-end pocket and 2 other dead-end systems. It is also very close to the Central Trading Point for Combat and Fluffl Wombats.

  • Costs: 1,5 billion ISK per month
  • Security: -0,07 -0,40
  • Features: 3 Ice-Belts / Dead-End Systeme and Dead-End Pocket

Piper Perry is our free and therefore cheapest area. For this range no surcharge is required although with NS2L-4 and B-S347 systems with a safety status of up to -0.58 are available.

  • Costs:no extra charge per month
  • Security: -0,25 -0,58
  • Features: Pipe Ratting



The monthly rent is calculated from 3 cost factors.

  • 1. Size of the corporation
  • 2. Booked access to above areas
  • 3. moons booked
  • 4. additional services (Jump Bridge / Cyno Beacons / Supercapital Construction Facilities)

Rent per Character

The basic rent per corporation is as follows:

  • 1 - 10 Characters --> 1,5 billion ISK per month
  • 11 - 25 Characters --> 2,5 billion ISK per month
  • 26 - 50 Characters --> 3,5 billion ISK per month
  • 51 - 100 Characters --> 4,5 billion ISK per month
  • 100 - 150 Characters --> 5,5 billion ISK per month
  • 150 < Characters --> Please contact a RentalManager

Settlement day is the last day of the month.

Generally, the price for one month is 30% of the normal extraction rate. For a detailed moon & price list please contact one of our Rental Managers.

All types of moons ( R64 / R32 / R16 / R8 ) are rented.


Structures of size M can be freely provided after consultation with a Rental Manager. It is strongly recommended to put them in EUTZ to be able to defend you in case of need.

Size L structures may only be placed after consultation with a Rental Manager. They must be transferred to the holding corp of Combat Wombat, or may be placed under their own corp name along with a 5b security deposit.

Size XL structures may only be placed after consultation with a Rental Manager. They must be transferred to Combat Wombat's holding corp.

Cyno Beacons or Jump Bridges may be provided by arrangement with a Rental Manager, with payment of any costs incurred.

Cyno Jammers are not permitted.

Fitting is mandatory for all structures! The mandatory fittings can be obtained from the responsible Renting Manager

False-fitted / low-power structures will not be defended. Abandoned structures will be destroyed if the owner is not reached.

Wormholes, Data-, Relic-, DED Sites

The following sites may be flown in all systems with Combat Wombat SOV:

  • Data Sites
  • Relikt Sites
  • scanbare DED Sites
  • Escalations

In exchange for the benefit of being able to fly throughout the SOV Data and Relic Sites, we expect ALL wormholes found to be reported in the designated Discord channels and a bookmark made with the signature ID with 48 hour expiration.

Escalations PVE

Escalations may be flown anywhere in Immensea.


Awoxing is strictly forbidden under all circumstances! If an Awox Blue Tackle / Blue Scout should nevertheless result in losses, the Corp of the executing Char must pay for the damage / loss and will receive a warning.


If a problem arises between two operations, both parties are encouraged to find a solution themselves.

If not possible, our rental managers offer support to resolve the conflict. Cost 1 billion ISK.

Infrastructure Hubs

IHub upgrades can be installed by all rental managers for you free of charge.

All systems are equipped with Pirate Detection Arrays 1. Piper Perry systems are already equipped with Pirate Detection Array 1 - 3 and Ore Prospection Array 1.


Botting and Intelbots are absolutely forbidden under any circumstances. Do not test us!

Penalties for botting:

  • Warning - 5 billion ISK fine - expulsion of affected members
  • Immediate kick of the corporation


Wir bieten folgende Dienste bereits an:

  • Jumpfreighter Logistic → Ingame Channel: Immensea/JF
  • Ore Buyback → Ingame channel: Immensea / Ore
  • Loot Buyback → Ingame channel: Immensea/Loot
  • Structure Placement → Contact Rental Management
For everything else contact our RentalManager